About us

What is the Pflanzstelle?
The Pflanzstelle is a public, self-organised and non-commercial urban gardening project in Cologne-Kalk. Located on a former industrial site we now grow herbs and vegetables. We use raised beds, so we are independent of the quality of the soil and the degree of ground sealing.

Who is active at the Pflanzstelle?
As a group we are open for newcomers. Mutual solidarity is very important for us. All the critical decisions are taken together and via the principle of consensus. Therefore, we meet once a month for our plenum. In the warm months additional meetings are held, so we can coordinate the gardening work. All of us do this as a hobby, each and every one does no more than she*he wants.

What do we stand for?
Ecological agriculture is at our hearts. We use biological seeds only and the food we cook is vegan. Our approach is ecological also when we are not gardening: We try to built everything we need (tomato houses, barns, composts, toilets) ourselves. Doing so we try to minimize all sorts of waste. That means: we do re-cycle and we follow the low-tech path whenever we can.

How do we work?
During the warm months we aim for regular opening slots. In addition we gather for „action days“ on weekends when there’s a lot to do.

What do we do when we are not gardening?
The Pflanzstelle is not just a place where we grow carrots, we also see it as a social and a political place. We often host workshops on the grounds that adress a wide variety of topics from an ecological and a leftish perspective. For example we have worked on the topics: environmental and social damage of lignite and charcoal mining, building mobile compost-toilets and moderating group processes. In addition, the Pflanzstelle is a meeting point for everybody, be they Kalkers or non-Kalkers. Visit us and become active!

How can I join?
Easy. You can simply visit us during our opening slots and talk to us. Or your can mail us and we invite you to our next plenum or action day in return, depending on what you’d rather do. Maybe you already have something in mind you would like to do, like leading a Yoga session. Or maybe you simply want to join. Either is great.